beOrg is a team of consultants working in accordance with a systemic approach and was found in 2016 by Helmut Hell and Sandra Niederer.

The foundation of our work:

Our success has proven that relationships amongst individuals within an organisation are more important than the actual structure of the business or business unit itself.
There is no ‘ideal’ organisational structure. We prefer to use the terms ‘suitable’ or ‘unsuitable’ structure.
Hence our critical approach and review to organisational structures. The regular review and careful consideration of values within an organisation is critical.
Our individual work with each and every different company provides you with a custom solution.
We add value to our clients through a knowledgably network of consultants who combine different skillsets that are based on common professional and value-oriented ethics.
The theoretical background work has the support of a larger and diverse group of experts, just to mention a few: Heinz von Förster, Stafford Beer, Federik Vester, Matthias Varga von Kibèd, Insa Sparrer…

beOrg unites different competencies and methodologies to allow ongoing development from optimal qualitative and professional aspects. This ensures our clients, especially for big and complex projects, a greater process oriented and professional reliability.